Thank You Estaterealty

David lloyd , 28 Nov 2016

" Buying my first investment property was a challenge and found it similar to buying a second hand car.  I traveled from Sydney to Queanbeyan to look at property and thought I had found the right one, until I opened the door to Estaterealty.  I spoke to the Licensee and Principal of the business Ben Stevenson who gave me his time, but more importantly he seemed to know and care about what I was after.  He genuinely wanted to help and told me about this unit they had for sale.  It was recently listed and sounded like what I was looking for

After viewing the unit and comparing it with others my decision was based on TWO facts, the company I was dealing with and the management I spoke to.  I was talking with another company at the time, but changed my mind because I trusted Estaterealty more and this is very important to me.  Not only that, but the unit I purchased is just what I was after.  I am very pleased with my purchase from Estaterealty, staff are friendly and I am happy to have them manage my new property.  All is good and everyone is happy. Thank you".