Achieved the price at which the property was offered in a tough market

Sue-Lutions Australia Pty Limited , 09 Jul 2019

Our Company chose Estaterealty to sell a property at Captain’s Flat, NSW because we noticed that the properties sold in the town in the majority exhibited Estaterealty sale signs. Houses marketed by other realtors seemed to languish on the market for months and even years often changing realtors several times in the process. This suggested to us that Estaterealty knew the market, worked to get the sale and realized a mutually beneficial outcome. All these observations proved to be true.

Our property was on the market in total six months which might seem a while but during this time was sold four times. Despite having preliminary approval from banks and good financial prospects, buyers fell at the final hurdle of obtaining bank approval. Banks played hard after the Royal Commission.

Undaunted by these disappointments, Ben and the Estaterealty team persevered with showing the property and encouraging buyers. Their negotiating skills were remarkable in assisting buyers to reach amicable arrangements with us that finally satisfied all – even the bank! Not only did they make the sale happen, they achieved the price which the property was offered in a tough market.

The relationship with Ben and the Estaterealty team at was always cordial, helpful and caring of our circumstances as sellers. We are very satisfied with their service and would not hesitate to engage them again should we have a property to sell. Thank you for your perseverance and tenacity. Good job Estaterealty!